The Okra

The Okra Token

The Okra token is a Gaming utility token, a fungible token, that is compatable with the Binance Smartchain Network. We are conducting a Private Presale of the Gaming token and allowing early access to this gaming token while we work on the game for The Aliees Brand! The Private Pre - sale of the Okra Gaming Token is at $0.0005 per usd. Now is the best time to purchase Okra Tokens.CLICK HERE

The Okra gaming tokens are digital assets that were created by AWP Gaming Studios. This Gaming token was created to allow players in our games to purchase in game assets and has specific utilities such as redeeming certain forms of merchandise from AWP Brands, acquiring game passes within AWP Games (outside of Roblox), purchasing NFT's within the AWP brand assortment such as The Aliees and future games etc. Also it can and will be found on decentralized exchanges where you can swap the coin for others such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and hundreds more.

The Okra token is the first gaming token that will be used within our future assortment of blockchain games. Games on the blockchain have increased in popularity recently, and have become another huge and lucrative trend in the world of Blockchain Technologies and Gaming. Games such as Axie Infinity and Idle Cyber, are some of the more popular Blockchain games just to name a few.

Mission: The Okra Token

As we create content on a daily basis we are merchandising many products under The Aliees brand that will be allowed to be purchased with the Okra Token.

A Winning Partnership With Okra Tokens