If you are a collector, a Play to Earn Gamer or even just a newbie to NFTs looking to make BIG Money. Right now we have the lowest floor price backed up by some incredible Rewards in store for our first backers of the project

We are forming one of the largest liquidity pools in the NFT Space. Our NFT Holders will access rewards including but not limited to tokens, merchandise, staking, special event invites, exclusive parties, sweepstakes, giveaways and more.

11 Ways The Aliees Brand Earns Money for Liquidity Pool and for NFT Holder Rewards Budget.

  1. Merchandise
  2. Monetizing Social Media from new content and views and likes
  3. Begin Paid tutorials on Udemy For kids and people of all ages)
  4. Play to Earn Mobile Game
  5. The Aliee Game on Roblox
  6. Selling Aliee Assets for metaverse
  7. Paid Advertisers/ Sponsers
  8. Digital Art
  9. Animated Episodes Plus movie
  10. Any Company Aquisition
  11. Music

We want you to be rewarded the same way we are. So you can have Funds from your Nft Sent directly to your Wallet. We will begin this immediately after this small 1st collection is sold out. This is exciting and could be one of the best Nft Projects EVER!

Rewards can be cashed out any time. Simply email us at or visit us on the website for a Live Chat and someone will walk you through it.

Now here are a few things to remember:

#1. We will deduct transfer fees from the cash Rewards sent.

#2. If you sell that Nft before cashing out the rewards will stay with that Nft until cashed out.

#3. This is a courtesy and an incentive and we cannot legally Gaurantee you in monetary Gain. (But we have 2 other collections coming and we want everyone to want one of our NFTs so we will aim to please starting with these)

#4 You should hold on to these because these are the cheapest they will ever be sold for and there is no promise we will offer this in our next collections!

This is a rare Collection first of 3. Enjoy the rewards. More are soon to come!

These Nfts will allow us to complete 3 of 5 Sketches from the Aliees brand. These sketches are "The Talkie Show", "The Daily Aliee Show", and The Weekly Dr. Menace Threats"

The Talkiee Show

The Talkie Show: Consists of the character Talkie in a talkshow/ news reporter Environment in which this character interviews other Aliees and humans while discussing topics within the Aliee world and the real world

Coming Soon

The Daily Aliee Show consists of a random group of Aliees watching T.V. on the couch. In these sketches we will create parody commercials in which the Aliees will watch together and sometimes interact with.

Coming Soon

The Daily Aliee Show
Dr Menance Threats

The Weekly Dr Menace Threats: Consists of the Leader of the Mad Aliee/Bad Aliees making threats to the Aliees and the humans. He will reveal more weapons and reveal his plans to destroy and take over.

Coming Soon

These Nfts will allow us to complete the remaining 2 sketches, allowing us to put out 5 sketches a week. The remaining two sketches will be Brainee Lab and Boogies stage.

Brainees Lab

Brainees Lab: Consists of the character Brainee in a laboratory environment. In this lab he will make fun as he pokes fun at things on earth such as babies, animals, humans, and all kind of other things. He will also provide information sometimes in which should be educational and entertaining.

Coming Soon

Boogiees Stage: Consists of a stage and performing environment where as the different aliess will be showcasing their singing and dancing abilities. This will be the opportunity where Nft holders with talent can send us their music and we will pick different performing artists around the world to perform and showcase their voice or dancing skills.

Coming Soon

Boogies Stage

The Alieeverse Characters Collection

Welcome to our Roadmap. Below you will see the actions our gaming studio will take as we put out a collection of 10,500 unique NFTS's. Each NFT is a character in our Augmented Reality Play to Earn Game Project for mobile. Our inspiration for our game comes from Pokemon Go and Axie Infinity. Your Aliees NFT will be one of the first NFTs playable by using our Augmented Reality Play to Earn Game for mobile. Using these Aliees characters along with Digital Trading Cards players will be able to earn additional NFTs, beautiful rare assets and coins and tokens such as The Aliees Token, Bitcoin and Ethereum. We appreciate you supporting our project at this early stage and we hope to see all of our NFT holders use our project in any way they choose. $$$.

Each NFT Character will have a file usable, sellable, and tradeable in the metaverse including but not limited to Roblox, The Sandbox, Decentraland, and The Alieeverse by Episode 1 release of The Aliees Series. The Pilot is available now.

The Aliees Roadmap