The Aliees Story

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There was a planet called Okra. On this planet, lived a highly intelligent species, bubbling with laughter, creativity, and the will to help anyone and everyone, around them.

Okra was such a happy place, and on this place, it was filled with babies. Lots of smart, and adorable babies. On this planet, they did everything together. One of their favorite pastimes was building portals. These babies were taught by their parents to build portals that could take them anywhere and everywhere, all around the universe, with intentions to one day unite every civilization around the galaxy. There was no war and there was no crime.

Baby Aliees playing on a playground
Baby Aliees sitting on a couch watching TV
Baby Aliees sitting in the kitchen enjoying ice cream
Hypiee skipping down a path outside
Baby Aliees starting to mask up on the playground

It was a beautiful and happy place to live, until one day one of the babies got sick. After that another got sick, then another, then another, then another, leading the adults of the planet to declare global emergency. Apparently, there was a virus that swept through this beautiful planet, this virus was highly contagious, and even though there were adults infected the virus became extremely dangerous for babies. They used every remedy that they could find, to destroy the virus. However, they were unsuccessful every time. With nearly 50 percent of the babies affected, the parents were very worried.

The hospitals were filled with infected babies. Everyone was forced to quarantine, along with all public places being shut down. Everyone was forced to wear masks. When they thought it couldn't get any worse, the virus became fatal. The parents came together to come up with a solution in order to protect their children that weren't infected. The only resolution was to evacuate the planet, to leave the infected there. This was the toughest decision the parents would ever have to make.

Baby Aliees all wearing masks outside of a health center
Baby Aliees helping an adult build a portal

The elders devised a plan to pick a planet like their own, and to use the portals to inhabit the planet. They identified a planet, just like their own, this planet was called AWP. This planet held the cure to every sickness possible in the universe. Now, the roughest part for the parents, was breaking the news to the infected Aliees, that they were leaving. They assured them that they would be back in a couple of days.

These infected babies had never been away from their parents, and they were very sad. The brothers and sisters of the infected Aliees were also very sad because they have never spent a day without playing with their brothers and sisters before, let alone spent any time away from them.

With tears in their eyes, the parents used a portal to transport the babies that were not infected, to this new wonderful planet, that was called AWP. They hoped to find the cure one day soon. When they got to AWP, they immediately started the hunt for the cure.

Planet AWP was a beautiful planet filled with magic and mystery.. Although the adults were confident the cure was somewhere on this planet they had no idea where to start looking. After the first 3 days on the planet they found out one of the planet’s biggest secrets, perhaps the very reason no other civilization even dared to live there. On planet AWP time was not the same. One day on planet AWP was as a whole year on any other planet including their home planet Okra. After they realized it had been 3 days already passed on planet AWP, they realized it had been 3 years on planet Okra since they saw the infected babies they left behind. They promised they would be back in a couple days and it had been 3 years already to the babies left behind on planet Okra.

Baby Aliees all wearing masks outside of a health center Baby Aliees all wearing masks outside of a health center

Pilot Episode

To be continued...